Shin-il Kim ‘Video Works’

October 5, 2002 - November 22, 2002

  • Shin-il Kim

Artist Statement I Shin il Kim

I draw objects using no color but a single pressed line on paper , a minimal gesture on a white page, so that the drawing can be seen or not according to the angle of light. The pressed line on paper embraces visual emergence and disappearance simultaneously with the angle of light. After making hundreds of pressed line drawings on paper , they are animated at 30 drawings per second. For this animation I start with a video image that is then traced frame by frame. I go from video to drawing back to video.

It is a way to transfer to objects the idea of existence and non-existence together at the same time, based on the idea of Buddhism and ‘the golden mean’ that is one of the eastern philosophies. The definition of ‘the golden mean’ is a balance between two extreme positions , ideas, etc.

These ideas can be expressed in artwork by drawing human’s movement in relationship with other entities , the most common thing between us, because the philosophical ideas behind my work should remain within the most common details of life. Therefore , I observe relationships between people and people , people and objects, and myself and other.