Craig Drennen in 'Any Given Sunday'

Craig Drennen, ‘Any Given Sunday’ at University of Arkansas

“Any Given Sunday”
Mark Bradford, Craig Drennen, Chie Fueki, Jason Stopa, Hank Willis Thomas, and Wendy White.
curated by Mark Mitchell
Fine Arts Center Gallery, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville AR
November 3 – December 8, 2015

Exhibition Press Release

‘The American sports journalist and author, Robert Lipsyte, argued in his 1975 book, SportsWorld, that competitive athletics hold a unique position in our culture. One in which a game can offer an alternative world that can be viewed as sacred, as well as provide refuge. Even after forty years, the debate regarding the role of competitive sports continues within our society. Regardless of one’s opinion on this topic, it is undeniable that many of our most prominent cultural symbols are linked to professional athletes or organizations. Any Given Sunday showcases a small group of artists who call attention to sports related imagery as a way to explore cultural topics such as the mass media, celebrity, race, and gender.’

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