Craig Drennen, HELLO ABA III, 2015, oil & alkyd on canvas (two panels), 52 x 40 inches

Craig Drennen in group exhibition at Heinz-Martin Weigand, Berlin

Commitment to Scenario
September 19 -October 31, 2015
Craig Drennen, Gregory Eltringham, Rashawn Griffin, Line Hoven, Josef Schulz
curated by Erin Dziedzic
Heinz-Martin Weigand Gallery, Berlin

“The lure of representational imagery remains a fascinating enterprise and certainly considered the truth of its image at many intervals throughout early history. In Jean Baudrillard’s account of commitment to a scenario he emphasizes the agency of representation in itself where simulacrum is the truth. The artists in Commitment to Scenario at once provide the ‘look’ necessary to create effective engagement of the viewer but also connect their imagery with that of the world where the ‘scene’ foregrounds an actual representation of our time.” ~ Erin Dziedzic

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